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The Gambia is luckily one of the most livable and peaceful countries in the whole of Africa by virtue of its location and the nature of the people in terms of their religiosity and hospitality. This makes it an abode for all other countries within the sub region to seek refuge in times of wars and also in search of economic prosperity.

The constant inflow of all kinds of people in and out of the country makes it vulnerable to communicable diseases that could be brought along by illegal immigrants. That plus the other commonly encountered sicknesses such as malaria , high blood pressure, diabetes and fever are seasonal issues which are constantly being encountered and tackled by the health care services but not in  Toto. During the rainy season, malarial incidences are so frequent that the hospitals and their services are always not able to contain everybody. It is on this premise that the foundation deemed it imperative to give priority number 1. To health care services especially when it comes to maternal cases were a lot of women die during the delivery of their babies due to multiple factors; such as; the lack of transport to get to nearby health centers for those living in rural areas. Infant mortality rates are also high in rural areas all due to limited access to health care facilities; the lack of transportation facilities to get to health centers and lastly the high cost of medications for the sick people hence drugs are very expensive in this part of the world. It is on this premise that the J.C. Foundation would do its outmost best to facilitate the availability of materials such as: medical drugs, transport hospital materials (beds, blankets, mosquito nets) and were it is possible to provide financial support as well to those who may not be able to meet the cost of their hospital bills.

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