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    JCF Volunteer Application Form

    Thank you for your interest in giving your time to help rural communities in our many program areas as a volunteer. Every single day, J C Foundation’s volunteers fuel our work in communities across the country. Without the great people who donate their time, skills and passion, we wouldn’t have enough capacity to help the communities transform their lives. Please complete our Volunteer Application below, and we will get back with you.
    JCF does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, country of origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

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    Program Interest:
    Preferred areas of interest. While ranking programs is optional, it does help us find a good fit between volunteers and programs.

    Our travel volunteer opportunities are limited. Are you interested in travel opportunities only, or are you available to volunteer from home on an ongoing basis?

    Please tell us about any skills or interests that you have that could be used to help JCF. Examples would be teaching, medical care, project writing, fundraising etc

    JCF volunteers work from around the country to plan and coordinate the goals, initiatives and implementation of our focus areas. Are you comfortable communicating with other team members online, by using email and other online applications?

    Only available for Special projects, medical exchange, training trip or other short term assignments.
    Most of our works involve rural community improvement projects and programs and communicating with sponsors. Do you enjoy working with the rural community, or would you prefer a position/work that requires less community work?

    What is your native language?

    Any other languages? Please elaborate.

    Working Preferences
    Tell us about your working style. Do you prefer to work as a team, independently, or are you comfortable with either style?

    You may add an optional further explanation on working style preference here:

    If you have experience in managing people, please describe and indicate size of group managed (include both paid and volunteer experience).

    Tell us about your leadership skills. Do you like to be a leader on a project or prefer to be a team member?
    How would you approach a difference of opinion with a fellow volunteer?

    Why do you wish to volunteer with JCF?

    Please tell us about yourself and your family, including any ties to communities in which JCF works, adoption or other JCF-related connections.

    Are you over 18 years of age?

    Affiliations and Availability
    Please list any charity/organization affiliations you have.

    We have many deadlines to meet, and it is important that everyone who volunteers realizes that, although we are volunteers, this is a real JOB. Reports to donors, correspondence and other responsibilities must be done in a timely manner. What kind of time commitment do you have available to help JCF?

    How did you hear about JCF? (click all that apply)


    Volunteering Requirements
    Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying that everything you learn through JCF is confidential and cannot be shared without consent from the Board of Directors?
    Please read the following mission statement: Jagne Care Foundation is a worldwide group of volunteers dedicated to transforming the lives of the communities. To provide humanitarian and sustainable aid in terms of education and livelihood systems to many Gambian people living in and around the Gambia by removing all the administration costs that most charity organizations do charge for.

    We expect official JCF volunteers to fully understand this statement and to represent what we believe to the public. We have worked extremely hard to build a strong level of trust with officials in the communities in which we work, and we expect our volunteers to do nothing to jeopardize our ability to work freely with people in those countries. Are you willing to conduct yourself in a way in public, both in speaking, in social media, and on email lists, which will honor our host communities and the helpers and communities we serve and not cause harm to our programs?

    Are you willing to come to JCF directors first with any problems or disagreement with other JCF volunteers in order to keep the foundation running as a true team?

    Are you aware that you will not be paid a salary?

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