SOCIAL ACTIVITY – Collection of used materials

17 Aprile, 2020 Causes One


In ITALY, Jagne Care Foundation has launched the collection of all types of useful materials in all sectors of life. The Foundation, therefore, calling on all especially does living in ITALY to kindly contact us for their generosity. We are collecting the following material as a form of gift; Clothes, shoes, bags/school bags, textbooks, pens/pencils, exercise books, coloring materials, visual aids, bicycles, footballs, mattress, house furnishing items, essential foodstuffs, medical equipment, farm implements and inputs, security gears, water insulation materials, environmental cleansing material, ambulance, police mobile motorcycles and vehicles and any other relevant material to the poorest rural communities in The Gambia is highly appreciated. Please we ask you in the name of humanity to donate for the shipping of the collected materials to the Gambia. Get involved and donate generously to help relieve the suffering of those who are less fortunate than us.

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