Maintenance and re-construction of toilets in the schools

16 Aprile, 2020


Education being a major prerequisite that which brought humankind to this limits of global heights, is no longer an option but a must do for the progressive and propagative development of mankind.

In the rural areas, many of the schools are not in an ideal state especially the nursery schools in the rural areas. The mere view of some school structures and the amenities in within could clearly tell the poor condition within which the children are being schooled.

The maintenance of school structures to standard and safety is indeed paramount.

This structure needs some form of reinforcement and refurbishment with paintings and other decorations worthy for a standard School/nursery school. The roofing type which was done voluntarily by some of the communities has some shortfalls such as leakages during rainy season which do force the kids to vacate and go home. The condition of the toilets being used by the kids is so messy that proper care and maintenances need to be done to keep the children in a more healthy and hygienic environment.

The toilets were the children are to ease themselves during school hours are also in a poor state of affair at the moment and serious adjustments are needed.     The school kitchen, were food is being prepared for the child on daily basis is also not up to standard and therefore the need to rebuild a much more acceptable one is imperative for the maintenance of standard health and hygienic condition. Please to enable children learn in and healthy environment.


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