EDUCATION Provision of Sponsorship

16 Aprile, 2020 Causes One


Education is the key to awareness by which life is made understandable and easy to live by. Educational systems in the Gambia have taken a rapid trend of costliness due to population expansion and the constant inflation of prices of consumable commodities. School tuition fees and other bills are constantly on the rise and therefore those people from underprivileged families are constantly increasing the drop out list of half educated teenagers.

Therefore sponsorship and other forms of educational support can produce some dividend for progressive students. There are also many handicapped and disabled students who normally drop out of school because of the lack of support in terms of finance and material aids such as crouches, wheel chairs and many other items that are used to help the disables and those with the hard of hearing. Although there exists some schools for those blind and disables, but the financial support services are very in- adequate to meet their total demands to enhance a qualitative education for them. Therefore the J.C foundation would solicit the provision of learning materials such as: text books, pens/pencils, exercise books, coloring materials, visual aids, bicycles, footballs and a lot more of all the materials required to enhance a qualitative education for children. Please donate to educate thousand to become our heroes tomorrow.


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