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05 Novembre, 2021 Africa, Causes One


The above-named patient was brought to the consultation. Because he has been suffering an excessive increase in head size since the first months of his life.

PRENATAL, NATAL AND POSTNATAL HISTORY: Pregnancy was uneventful, with no history of birth trauma, no history of neonatal infection/convulsion. Demba was admitted for a period of three days at Brikama health center on account of excessively increased head size and convulsion.

  • PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Not in any obvious distress, not pale, anicteric  cyanosed
  • CRANIAL ULTRASOUND: (12/05/2016) reports severe communicating hydrocephalus.
  • BRAIN CT SCAN: (12/05/2016) report Encephalomalomia Hydrocephalus.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: S1 and S2 heart, no murmur
  • RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Normal expansion, adequate air entry, chest clinically clear.
  • ABDOMEN: Non distended, moves with respiration, soft, no palpable organomegaly.
  • DIAGNOSTIC: Encephalomalomia hydrocephalus.


Doctor’s comment: The patient (Demba) needs Neurosurgical evaluation and management.

Doctor’s recommendation: The patient (Demba) needs to go to another country for assessment by a neurosurgeon for possible hydrocephalus repairmen.

Focusing on the above sad medical report of Demba Yarbo the 11 years child who came from a very poor family in the Gambia and orphan taking care by his poor uncle and grandmother. With great honor and respect for humanity, Jagne Care Foundation, wish to seek your immediate prayers and financial assistance, as the family is desperately in keen need of assistance to save Demba from critical pain, save his life, and enable him to go to school.


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