Help to continue the fight against COVID-19


The Jagne Care Foundation is the product of a Quest to address persistent undesirable and recurring conditions with regards to people living in rural Gambia, people who are underprivileged to meet the requirements of the Human development indices. (HDI).

The Gambia is gradually confirming the cases of COVID-19, we believed is still very important for people to adhere to the safety precautions. and rural communities can play a significant role in stopping the spread of the pandemic.

Also, the country grapples with tension over the confirmation rapid cases of COVID-19 in neighboring Senegal that make a red alert for the Foundation to seek more financial and material support for our incredible team to continue working hard to spread the right messages. Over the past few weeks, the teams have travelled through several communities in rural Gambia, sharing information, distributing protective materials and putting up posters in key places to raise awareness.

This time in addition to the above activities we do in the rural communities, The Foundation deem it necessary to provide essential FOOD STUFFS for the needy families in the rural Gambia in an effort to keep them home and combat the spreading of COVID-19.

Many underprivileged families in the Gambia spend a lot of their time each day in the markets selling their goods and use their daily sales profits to feed their families. We are deeply concerned about the effects COVID-19 will have on at-risk groups and vulnerable rural communities in Gambia.The communities where we work are among the most susceptible to illnesses and will face devastating rates of infection and death as this pandemic progresses. Presently in collaboration with health emergency team, we are monitoring the situations in our rural communities in Gambia and advise our Regional Coordinators on the ground on simple practices to lessen the full brunt of this disease in the local communities. As the JCF hope  helper ( we have the feeling that you can), and we can collectively pledge to do more to protect those most exposed.

So, with great honor and respect to humanity, we ask “you” to please take a few moments to make a donation ensuring that the JCF team is able to continue providing life saving resources, education, and healthy environments to those who need it most.

The importance of our mission is more important now than ever before, but JCF needs your support to continue our work. Please consider making a donation and share with your friends and partners today safeguarding JCF’s ability to continue spreading health and resiliency to those who need it most.

Stay safe and thank you so much for being a part of the JCF helper.


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